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The Best Target
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Based on Big Data and AI platform with challenge and innovation we are dreaming to be a global biotech company that develops new drugs specializing in rare and intractable diseases

When I was at the Mogam Science Research Institute In 1995, I first studied the development of new drugs through computer simulations, which was unfamiliar to domestic pharmaceutical companies at that time. And I was convinced that it would be the future of the Korean bio industry. With that in mind, I have been worked in for about 25 years so far, as a senior researcher at a foreign professional company and a founding member of a bio venture company in the early 2000s.

The purpose of establishing Paros iBio in 2016 is to prove the value by introducing the world's bio-venture companies and pharmaceutical companies of the new drug development solution using computer simulations based on AI platform of our technology and innovation. Ultimately, by developing innovative new drugs as soon as possible, We wanted to give new hope and healthy life to suffering patients.

Pharos is the name of the ancient Alexandrian island, “Pharos's Lighthouse” is one of the seven wonders of the world.

Pharos iBio's researchers use Chemivers, based on big data and AI-based new drug development platform built by own technology and know-how to develop new drugs, and open innovation strategic, taking core functions and rights while maximize the scalability of human & material infrastructure, to develop new drugs.

We will create a pioneering global biotech company that can lead the bio ventures and pharmaceutical companies around the world to use new and creative drug development solutions that will be reporting many cases of success developing new drugs cases like Pharos's Lighthouse gave direction to ships sailing in the dark.

In addition, we will make a company that gives trust through righteousness management, contributes to this society and human health and develops core capabilities with innovative R&D investments.

All the executives and employees of Paros iBio will research steadily on and on to develop a new drug, for rare and intractable diseases patients without cure, as soon as possible.

We look forward to your warm interest and support.
Thank you.

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