The Best Target & The Best Chemical


PHI-101-TNBC is being developed as a drug to treat metastatic triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) through an indication expansion analysis using Pharos iBio's big data & AI-based drug development platform. TNBC has limited adequate targeted treatment, and it relies primarily on chemotherapy. However, since treatment often leads to recurrence and metastasis, the development of a treatment is urgent. PHI-101-003 is expected to be applicable to a variety of solid cancers, not limited to triple-negative breast cancer, through combination therapy based on the excellent anti-cancer effect shown in intermediary studies.

Unmet Needs
  • 11.65% of all breast cancer
    patients are refractory triple
    negative breast cancer

  • BRCA Mutation,
    Overexpression of EGFR,
    no treatment for TNBC
    patient is available


Superior combination PHI-101+ Olaparib than single agent (Olaparib)

  • Breast cancer invivo results
  • Number of patients About 70,000 people
  • Market size KRW 2.2T (2023) Target Market
    • Triple Negative Breast Cancer
    • Patients with BRCA mutation or
      EGFR overexpression

Source : Market size-GBIRESEARCH, patients-Datamonitor, Epidemiology Breast Cancer(12/2010)