The Best Target & The Best Chemical


PHI-101-RS is a drug that is being developed as a radiation sensitizer through an indication expansion analysis using Pharos iBio's big data & AI-based new drug development platform. It can be taken at the same time when cancer patients receive radiation therapy to improve the efficiency of radiation treatment to cancer tissues, so that the same effect can be obtained with a small amount of radiation, while reducing damage to normal cells.

Unmet needs
  • About 40% of all cancer
    patients are treated with

  • Erbitux, approved for
    combination with radiation,
    sold $1.15B USD in 2012 in
    head and neck cancer


In the in vivo Xenograft model of colorectal cancer, the radiation combination efficacy was increased by 2-3 times compared to the control group

  • Colorectal cancer invivo results
  • Number of patients 40% of cancer patients
  • Market size KRW 1.2T (2023) Target Market
    • HPV- or HPV- & CD44+ positive patients
    • Non-Hypoxic patients

Source : Market size-Reuters, Jun 1 2013, Number of patients-Acta Oncol. 42, 357-365 (2003)