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AI New drug development platform
AI-based new drug development platform, Chemiverse

Pharos iBio is capable of internal analysis and discovery of optimal target proteins and compounds for target diseases through its own developed and built big data & artificial intelligence (AI)-based new drug development platform.

Differentiated technology

Pharos iBio possesses unrivaled technology in predicting drug activity and modeling new drugs through protein-ligand interactions. The Chemiverse platform can derive optimal compounds that can treat target diseases through protein structure analysis and molecular interaction energy calculations.

The Chemiverse platform is a platform that can be used in all fields of discovery in the new drug development stage, from the stage of finding an action point to the stage of finding candidate substances.

The Chemiverse platform is a platform that has secured the ability to analyze indications for candidates whose toxicity has been verified using deep learning algorithms based on big data and artificial intelligence, and through this, it is possible to expand a new excellent pipeline.