Technology & Strategy

The Best Target & The Best Chemical

R&D Strategy
The Best Target
Selecting the optimal target for the development of new drugs for refractory and rare diseases

Various genetic and epigenetic changes occur before normal cells become metastatic cancer. As a result, cancer cells acquire cell growth, metastasis, angiogenesis, adsorption and invasion to the extracellular matrix, and secretion of inflammatory substances to change the tumor microenvironment to be suitable for the growth and survival of cancer cells. The refractory and recurrence of cancer cells to various existing anticancer therapies is due to the interaction between the cancer cells and the tumor microenvirotnment, or the presence and characteristics of cancer stem cells that may exist in the cancer cell population. Pharos iBio is the optimal target that can inhibit the signaling system and DNA replication mechanisms related to aggression, refractory or recurrence of cancer cells by using the self-established big data and AI-based new drug development platform “chemiverse”.

  • First
    Signaling system in cancer cells and
    Inhibition of DNA replication mechanism
  • Second
    Tumor Microenvironment and
    Blocking interactions between cancer cells

    Cancer cell proliferation, angiogenesis and
    metastasis, From the tumor microenvironment
    that affects resistance Impeding signaling

    As a secreted substance of cancer cells (growth
    factor, cytokines, etc) Suppression of changes in
    tumor/immune microenvironment caused by

  • Third
    Unlimited selfrenewal of cancer stem cells
    and inhibition of apoptosis resistance

    Cancer stem cells are the cause of cancer
    recurrence and resistance to anticancer drugs

    Can be caused by mutations and expression
    changes It is a small group, and because of its
    immortality and dedifferentiation characteristics,
    Gained strong resistance to

The Best Chemical
Selection and development of optimal compounds using big data and artificial intelligence, and expansion of excellent pipelines according to the expansion of indications

The new drug development platform technology possessed by Pharos iBio is being used in the development of new drugs in the entire stage of “Discovery”, from the discovery of the active substance of the compound to the discovery of the active substance. In addition, by applying an algorithm that can expand the indications of candidate substances, we discover new indications for existing compounds and expand the excellent pipeline. In fact, Pharos iBio PHI-101 candidates are being developed by expanding three clinical pipelines based on damaged DNA repair mechanisms (DNA Damage Repair inhibitory mechanisms) through analysis of indications other than acute myelogenous leukemia through this strategy.

Chemiverse System

Chemiverse System

  • Drug DB

  • Chemical Library

  • BioActive Chemical Library

  • 3D Protein structure DB

  • BioActivity Data

  • Structure-based
    virtual search

  • Deep Learning
    Prediction Model

  • Network-based

  • Other models

  • New Hit

  • ADME

  • Toxicity

  • New Drug

  • New Drug

  • Kinase

  • Data collection in the field of
    new drug development
  • Development of
    predictive model based
    on artificial intelligence
  • Application of predictive
    model for each stage of
    new drug development
Precision Medicine
Provides high efficacy, safety and economics by selecting appropriate patient groups for new drug substances using biomarker

Pharos iBio introduces profiling technology using molecular biological diagnostic techniques to develop new drugs based on big data and artificial intelligence. Analyzing the diversity of patient responses to new drugs and discovering genetic and non-genetic biomarkers by analyzing differences between drug mechanisms and genome functions, and epigenetic differences according to different genetic and environmental factors and lifestyles for each patient So you can induce an optimized customized treatment.

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